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General manager of Hua bao Electronics Factory Foshan Foshan

Time: 2014-12-29 Click:

"Foshan enterprise two sessions" refers Foshan City Business Association, called Foshan City Entrepreneurs Association, is a comprehensive cross-industry social groups under the guidance of the government, national and provincial, municipal and Entrepreneurs Association Business Association has formed. November 17, 2011, general manager of Foshan City, Hua bao Electronics Factory You Jianguo invited to attend the "two sessions" in the Hotel InterContinental Foshan held through secret ballot before the annual meeting elected the new president, vice president, secretary full debut, and entrepreneurs have come together to join the festivities. At the meeting, delegates combined building "happy Guangdong" to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of social tide, around the "city of wisdom, harmony, Foshan," the theme of the annual meeting, conducted in-depth discussions and reached broad consensus. Many delegates can not help but praise "annual meeting reinforces the association, government, business tripartite rely on each other's position, but the 'sea moon tide students' majestic momentum!"

In response to the change "Foshan manufacturing" to "create Foshan," the concept of the "two sessions" of the annual meeting was to explore the current status quo and business development issues in Foshan, showing typical cases and successful experience in Foshan enterprise development, accelerate economic restructuring and upgrading local process.

General Manager: Jianguo You 



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