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Problem Solving

After the host call through extension, the extension can not unlock:
1. All extensions can not unlock, check:
a. motherboard failure.
b. The power failure.
2. The extension does not unlock a door, check the extension unlock switch. .

The host is not working properly after power:
A digital master without any show host address him by room number no response, and the key is not bright light tube:
a. Measuring the host whether the + 12V input voltage. If not, check the wiring right and wrong.
b. Measuring whether the + 12V supply voltage output. If not, then check the wiring right and wrong; primary, secondary or without blown fuse.
c. the host software or whether the damage is reversed.
2, the digital host has often significant characters, address him host a "short circuit" light lit:
a. The decoder three bus short circuit, check line.
b. a decoder system fails, replace it.
c. by the strong electric shock, the host microcontroller crash, according Reset "*" key to reset, address him 220V power supply unit can be reset after a power failure.
 Host or extension call failure and volume adjustment:
1. Host caused by Huasheng big whistle handled:
a. Check stick pouches on the host's microphone is off or the microphone is not pressed in the end.
b. The "↓" fly line cut on the motherboard, reducing the level of the host speaker volume can effectively inhibit the whistle.
c. Cut "↓" if there is still howling after the fly line can be in series with a 5.1Ω ~ 10Ω resistor (1 / 4W) on the speaker circuit, to further reduce the host volume whistle.
d. also be on the motherboard capacitor C20 is reduced to 104 from 224 ceramic capacitors, reducing the magnification whistle.
2. Host by small Huasheng:
a. Check the host speaker for damage, replace if damaged give (8Ω0.5W).
b. may be on the motherboard has cut the "↓" fly line electric soldering iron complex, so the volume increases.
c. also be on board C20 capacity increased to 224 or 474 (anti volume only increased capacitance caused by too much after the whistle).
3. Host send Huasheng small current noise or failure:
a. No Check the host microphone hole is blocked foreign body, microphone damage.
b. the proper transfer of small C23 (next to the microphone socket 103 ceramic capacitor) of electric capacity, can increase the amount of the host to send voice.
c. If all extension calls are current noise fault occurs, most of the host microphone is bad, replace ..
The extension does not ring failure:
a. Extension hook switch is bad, you can hand the whistle again repeatedly pressed its switch to see whether the ringing extension, if the case hook switch is bad, you can replace the switch.
b. Extension handle spring line crystal head and the base unit is bad.
c. in the receiver extension handle is broken or damaged.
5. No microphone or no extension by then, but it can unlock the fault:
a. Extension handle spring line crystal head and the base unit is bad.
b. Extension handle inside microphone, receiver disconnected or damaged.
Intelligent software automatically detects the type of prompt modes:
(A) the host bus or decoder output three three bus short-circuit fault tips:
1, + 5V-G line short after:
A) host address him; once Didi tick one long and two short tones, while window displays "short" two words (lit), then every time you press the button (any one) were given a beep help maintenance personnel judgment.
B) Digital Host: Err-2 words displayed on the screen.
2, S-G line short:
A), the host address him: once the two long beep beep sound, but the window will display "short" two words (lit), then every time the host key (any one) were given a beep help maintenance personnel judgment.
B), a digital host, display Err-3 words on the screen.
3, + 5V-S line short after:
A) address him Host: Display "short" Two words on the window and flashing.
B) Digital Host: Err-3 displays the words on the screen, note: any two three bus lines shorted, the host will enter protection status lights (or display symbols) Always, after the elimination of the short-circuit the system returned to normal immediately.
(B) the extension into the family line (second line) or short-circuit fault is not linked to the extension handle good tips:
A) address him Host: When a household extension cord shorted or extension is off the hook, the host every time the user calls the extension, once the host of a long two short beep beep beep, but will kindle a short street (other extension of normal use).
B) Digital Host: When you press the code to call the user extension, the word "Err-1" is displayed on the host screen and be removed immediately (another extension of normal use).
(C) extension into the family line disconnection, or missed a good line prompt:
A) address him Host: Host families extension when prompted to call the two two short beep beep, and indicates that the extension is not wired, wired or not broken.
B) Digital Host: Err-0 words displayed on the screen when the user calls the extension.
(Iv) digital signal a host of other tips:
A), "Err-5" is represented password lock, password input error.
B), "Err-6", said the other host is working (busy). (This feature is more doors to enter the building and implementation may occur when the lock allocation)
C), "Err-7" represents the memory error.
D), "Err-8" other errors.



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