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Technical Training

In order to make the customer technicians to skilled installation, maintenance and operation of the entire system to ensure the smooth operation of the system in the future, I free to customers operating and management personnel training;
Training location can be selected within the company, you can also guide training at the construction site;
If the training of technical personnel to select customers in my company, I am responsible for customer technical staff accommodation, arrange one on one training.
Our on-site training is divided into two forms:
(1), the construction-site training:
During the construction process, the company responsible for on-site construction engineer arrange guidance, testing commissioning guidance will also invite customers to designated personnel to the scene to guide the side edges to explain;
(2) acceptance of delivery, user training:
Upon acceptance, the company arranged for users who engineers a week of use for user training.
System Training:
A corporate culture
2, building intercom market position in the security situation and the development of an international park
3, the system works
4, system hardware, software components and features
5, some routine maintenance and troubleshooting.
6, device operation



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