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System Introduction
DX-40-type second-line intelligence (voice) visual, non-visual intercom system
DX-40 series of intelligent building intercom system, I plant in 1998 R & D, production and operation of generation for many years, with a stable, reliable, high level of intelligence building intercom products.
Functions and Features
1. retrieval system intelligent fault and fault isolation
(1) The system features a host through the "central processor" (Computer Principles) every 5 seconds timing system failure automatic retrieval functions, and any short-circuit failure between the vertical three-bus implementation of power protection, for extension into the family line (communications, video, power) short practice excision isolation protection to ensure that all households other extensions normal use.
(2) The system detects various types of short-circuit failure, may be issued by the host Chinese voice prompts, digital host while the corresponding code or LCD Chinese characters to be prompt, which greatly facilitates the engineering and maintenance staff, fully embodies the system design intelligence level and high-tech.
2. System of multi-functional and scalable compatibility features
(1) The system of ordinary straight by type and digital type host, non-visual fully compatible with the host in the visible unity movement, visual and non-visual extension systems, hands-free speakerphone and non-extension, greatly facilitate and meet upgrade needs.
(2) This system indoor extension with DX-40GT-2-type multi-call area networking system extension, DX-40 (IV) G / T-type multi-call area networking system extension is fully compatible, easy to upgrade.
(3) The system of ordinary non-visual and digital straight by host type host, all with multi-entrance into the same corridor (multi-gate structure) call, unlock conversion function (without any additional conversion unlock communications equipment).
(4) The system according to the straight-type host and the host can be formulated in a digital IC / ID access card or wireless remote unlocking unlock function.
(5) The system has a digital-type host a yard household's first factory, located in any absolute change the password lock function.

System components and configuration
Cabling schematic diagram



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