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Foshan Huaying Intelligent Building Technology Co., Ltd.

Was formerly Compal Electronics factory in Foshan City, is the first group engaged in intelligent building intercom system development, production, sales and service of professional manufacturers. History of two decades, the enterprise: science and technology development as the driving force; to "infinitely close to customer demand" for the idea; to product quality and stability as a precondition; cost-effective product-oriented, and never stop, steady development, casting the incumbents a new milestone.
The enterprises of the "China Security Industry Association," member units, "the Guangdong Provincial Security Association," member units, but also the security industry in Guangdong Province, the only named "key enterprises in Guangdong Province," the veteran security companies.
Enterprise product has won the "national certification authority trusted good quality products" and the national "China Quality integrity" (both domestic industry only);
Foshan City, "innovative technologies invented" Bronze (Foshan in the same industry only) ;
"China Top Ten video intercom equipment famous brand" title,
and the 2008 "Guangdong famous" 2008 "AAA + grade credit quality of Chinese enterprises," the glorious title.
The enterprise products, its distinctive features, continue to develop and refresh the intelligent building intercom fields. Enterprise has long been developed, created DX-40 has a common wire intelligent Warburg visual style, non-visual intercom system and single-zone, two zones, four-zone and multi-zone, set the visitors intercom, networking multiparty call, alarm, information dissemination, dynamic hard disk recording, still image capture visitor intelligence commu

Strong production strength

With years of management experience in production management, Huaying leads the industry in the field of building intercom systems with funds, technology, talents and equipment. I believe Huaying people input, dedicated and hard work, will open up a new world.
  • Semi-finished products workshop

    Semi-finished products workshop

  • Technology Department

    Technology Department

  • After-sales service department

    After-sales service department

  • QC


  • Finished workshop

    Finished workshop

  • Product warehouse

    Product warehouse

  • Patch car

    Patch car



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